Certified in Planning and Inventory Management

Earning the APICS CPIM demonstrates mastery of an organization’s internal operations and an in-depth understanding of materials management, master scheduling, forecasting, production planning, and how it applies across the extended supply chain.

Internal Operations Competence

Employers prefer it. Professionals who earn it perform at a higher level. The APICS Certified in Planning and Inventory Management (CPIM) designation empowers professionals to evaluate planning and inventory activities within a company’s global operations. More than 112,000 professionals have earned the CPIM designation since 1973. The pandemic caused a major shift in consumer demand and put a spotlight on supply chain vulnerabilities. This makes planning more important than ever, and CPIM 7.0 reflects that.

With the APICS CPIM, you will

  • Increase inventory accuracy and reduce inventory

  • Improve forecasting

  • Improve the S&OP process

  • Manage and apply capacity resource planning

  • Work more productively with your company’s ERP system

APICS CPIM helps you master

  • Demand management

  • Procurement management

  • Supplier planning

  • Material requirements planning

  • Capacity planning

  • Sales and operations planning

  • Master scheduling

  • Performance measurements

  • Supplier relationships

  • Quality control

  • Continuous improvement

Is the APICS

CPIM for me?

The APICS CPIM education is essential if you are involved in:

  • Planning

  • Production and inventory management

  • Operations

  • Supply chain management

  • Procurement

  • Materials management

  • Purchasing

ASCMLA CPIM Course Schedule and FAQ's

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How to register for the CPIM

  1. Register: You must register and pay by early registration deadline noted above for discounted early registration fees.

  2. Pay: You must pay for course fees and materials.

  3. Confirm: A confirmation email will be sent with your PayPal payment. Keep this receipt as proof of payment. A confirmation with detailed instructions will be mailed to you 1-3 business days before the start of the course. (If a confirmation is not received, please email Education@LAPICS.org


  • Cancellation requests are submitted online and are subject to the following fees:

  • Membership and Exam Credit fees are not refundable.

  • In addition to the charges for any used materials billable at the ASCM Member rate:

  • Before the early registration deadline: $50.00 processing fee

  • Before the first Class Session (or Orientation): $100.00 processing fee

  • First Class Session (or Orientation) to second Class Session: $200.00 processing fee

  • No refunds are issued after second Class Session


Information on exam dates, locations, and registration fees for CPIM Testing in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Exams are issued through ASCM Corporate, not local Chapters.

Additional CPIM Program Information

  • Must register and pay by early registration deadline noted above for discounted early registration fees.

  • All session may include online introduction or review sessions. Additional exam fee will be charged for Distance Learning or course candidates planning to test outside North America.

  • CPIM designees must maintain certification every five years through the CPIM Certification Maintenance program.

  • One half of course fees are funded by ASCM Los Angeles; valid for Public courses at ASCMLA facility only

  • Membership must be valid for at 90 days after end of course. All Upgrade Course attendees must maintain an ASCM Plus Membership valid for 90 days after the course end (to allow for exam credit).

  • Course registrations are limited to 30 attendees per course. Course may be rescheduled or canceled if minimum attendance is not met. NOTE: Online course fee of $200 applies to classes available in an online format. *WAIVED at this time for COVID. Extension Credit Fee of $200 applies to optional college credit for course made available through College of Extended Studies, Cal State Dominguez Hills.

  • Classes provide a forum for discussion and exchange of ideas with peers. Classes are offered periodically throughout the year (see schedule above) or can be offered at a private setting by submitting an interest form here.

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Certification Research Links

ASCM research provides resources on a variety of industry topics and trends, as well as content for use by faculty in the academic community. Below are links to critical industry research: