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Like many certified supply chain professionals, I spend time every few years gathering and submitting documentation for certification maintenance. Although I've been submitting certification maintenance "checklist" applications since 1998, this year was a little different as APICS Master instructors like myself were required to submit a Personal Development Plan to support APICS Instructor Development Program (IDP) maintenance.

It was easy each year documenting my past history of SCM involvement, but this year I had to look into my future as a supply chain professional and instructor, put my strengths, opportunities, objectives in writing, and then share my plans with my peers. Developing my written PDP was not the dreaded experience I was expecting - the process instead seemed to help focus the improvement plans I had carried around in my head for years.

Do you have a written personal development plan? If you are a supply chain professional, I encourage you to consider and include APICS involvement as you review your personal goals or set new professional goals. View the form below for ten actions you may want to consider for your PDP. Whatever your personal development plan objectives currently are or may be, have fun achieving them this year. I hope to see you in action as you include APICS Los Angeles Chapter in your plans!

Till next time!

Joyce Lewis, MAEd, CPIM, CSCP, CLTD, C.P.M.

2021 President

ASCM Los Angeles

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