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APICS CPIM Certification

APICS Certified in Production and Inventory Management (CPIM) program offers in-depth education for individuals in the operations management profession who wish to improve their knowledge of production and inventory management. The APICS CPIM curriculum concentrates on tools, techniques, and knowledge for supply chain management in the areas of demand planning, inventory management, production activities, and distribution.

APICS CPIM requires a successful exam pass in only two modules:

        1) CPIM Part 1 or any of the equivalent:   2016 Basics of Supply Chain Management Exam, 2017 Reconfigured Basics, or any Basics of Supply Chain Management exam passed in the 5 years prior to a successful pass in Part 2 exam.  

        2) CPIM Part 2 - Combined MPR, DSP, ECO, SMR from the prior CPIM program. 

To be CPIM-certified, you must pass exams to satisfy Part 1 and Part 2 of the program. 

Starts/ Ends




 Registration Deadline*
CPIM Part 1 04/15/21 - 07/22/21  Thu 5:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m ASCM Los Angeles Training Facility ** 04/05/21 at 5:00 p.m. PST
CPIM Part 2 04/13/21 - 07/20/21 Tue    5:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m ASCM Los Angeles Training Facility **04/03/21 at 5:00 p.m. PST
CPIM Part 1 9/16/21 - 12/23/21  Thu 5:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m ASCM Los Angeles Training Facility  ** 09/06/21 at 5:00 p.m. PST    
CPIM Part 209/14/21 - 12/21/21 Tue5:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m ASCM Los Angeles Training Facility **09/04/21 at 5:00 p.m. PST  

Must register and pay by Registration Deadline noted above to avoid Late Registration Fee of $100.00. Late Registrations are accepted up to 2nd class session; after 2nd class session, registrations no longer accepted for the course.
Course registrations are limited to 30 attendees per course. 
Course may be reschedule or cancelled if minimum attendance is not met.

CSUDH Extension Credit For APICS Courses
Students may receive 3 Extension Credit Units from CSU Dominguez Hills College of Extended and International Education.  This credit denotes the academic rigor of the course, and may be useful for salary increases or employer reimbursement.   A letter grade will be awarded consistent with course requirements listed in syllabus. Please note: 

•         Nonrefundable – After the registration is submitted to CSUDH by ASCM Los Angeles.
•         Drop deadline - If a student determines not to complete the course, they have through the 4th week of the course to drop, which will remove it from their official course record.  However, no refund will be available through ASCM Los Angeles/CSUDH.  After the drop date, students may not be dropped from course and a letter grade will be awarded.  
•         Not retroactive – Participants who do not register and pay fees for extension credit by the course deadline will not be able to receive extension credit for the course 
•         If desired, an official CSUDH transcript may be ordered by the student at the completion of the course for $8  

To apply, register for the CPIM course.  During the Payment process, add the "CSUDH" shopping cart selection for your course (found below the CPIM courses on the Payment webpage).   Option to add the Extension Credit must be submitted no later than the 2nd class session. 

Course Fees

Take advantage of special discount rates for early registration:         

Course Description

Member Type

Standard Course Fee

Upgrade Course Fee
Late Registration
Online or Extension Course Fee
 CPIM Part 1  ASCM Plus Member*  $    895   $ 1,395   $  100   $   200 
 CPIM Part 1 ASCM Core Member*  $    995    $ 1,495   $  100   $   200 
 CPIM Part 1  Non-Member  $ 1,195   $ 1,695   $  100   $   200 
 CPIM Part 1  ASCMLA Student Chapter or Board Member**   $    448    $    698    $  100    N/A 

Course Description

Member Type

Standard Course Fee

Upgrade Course Fee
Late Registration
Online or Extension Course Fee
 CPIM Part 2  ASCM Plus Member*  $    995   $ 1,495   $  100   $   200 
 CPIM Part 2  ASCM Core Member*    $ 1,095    $ 1,595   $  100   $   200 
 CPIM Part 2  Non-Member  $ 1,295   $ 1,795   $  100   $   200 
 CPIM Part 2  ASCMLA Student Chapter or Board Member**   $    498    $    748    $  100    N/A 

NOTE:  Online course fee of $200 applies to classes available in an online format.  *WAIVED at this time for COVID.  Extension Credit Fee of $200 applies to optional college credit for course made available through College of Extended Studies, Cal State Dominguez Hills.   

* Membership must be valid for at 90 days after end of course. All Upgrade Course attendees must maintain an ASCM Plus Membership valid for 90 days after the course end (to allow for exam credit).   
**One half of course fees are funded by ASCM Los Angeles; valid for Public courses at ASCMLA facility only

Description of Course Fee Options

Standard Course and Upgrade Course fees include the following course materials and benefits. Required Course materials are in bold (available for purchase through ASCMLA). Course materials will be available at the first class session (will be distributed by the instructor or Chapter representative).

All course attendees must have the assigned revision(s) of the following course materials in order to attend the class:  2018 CPIM Learning System (hard copy) and 2018 CPIM Exam Content Manual. Standard Course fees do not include the online exam study materials and exam fees required to pass the exam.   

 Standard Course  Upgrade Course  
The fine print...
 ASCM Plus Membership     Non-Members will receive a one-year ASCM Plus Membership; Core ASCM members will receive a prorated increase to ASCM Plus member (same expiration date). No portion of the Membership fee is refundable; membership fees are not prorated nor refundable in the event of a course cancellation by a student.  
 CPIM Learning System V6.0+     Print Version
 CPIM Exam Content Manual     Included in Print Version 
 Supplemental Learning Materials     For course participation
 CPIM e-Learning System     CPIM Online e-learning system to include practice quizzes, exams, and supplemental online learning materials
 CPIM PowerPoint Course Slidebook     Printout of course slides for note-taking
 CPIM Exam Credit      Exam is administered by Pearson Vue).  All students must request, schedule, and take exam within 90 days from last class date or exam credit is voided.  No transfer of exam credit allowed and no portion of exam credit is refundable after the first day of class. 
 Exam Re-Take Fee Guarantee     Applies to ASCM Los Angeles Members.  Must meet retake fee requirements.
 Admittance to one (1) designated Chapter Professional Development Meeting (PDM)    Held during the course, provided the student is pre-registered before the deadline. Participants must pre-register separately for each event by the course early registration deadline and select the payment option “Current Course Attendee."  A Deposit is required and is refunded at the event; upon request, the deposit may be applied to support the event's selected Community Partnership.  

Required Course materials are in bold. Optional reference materials will be reviewed in class.

Step 1.  Register.  Must register and pay by early registration deadline noted above for discounted early registration fees. 
Step 3. A confirmation email will be sent with your PayPal payment. Keep this receipt as proof of payment. A confirmation with detailed instructions will be mailed to you 1-3 business days before the start of the course. (If a confirmation is not received, please email

Location / Facility
ASCM Los Angeles
Training Facility
3121 Skypark Drive, Suite 232-2060
Torrance, CA 90505
(213) 444-3102 - leave a message
Please note:  Training facility is located in a secured facility; no drop-ins accepted.   Please bring a photo ID and sign in at the 3121 Lobby.  You will be escorted to the training room. 
Cancellation requests are submitted online and are subject to the following fees:
  • Membership and Exam Credit fees are not refundable.  
  • In addition to the charges for any used materials billable at the ASCM Member rate:
    • Before the early registration deadline:  $50.00 processing fee
    • Before the first Class Session (or Orientation):  $100.00 processing fee
    • First Class Session (or Orientation) to second Class Session:  $200.00 processing fee
  • No refunds are issued after second Class Session
Benefits of CPIM
A CPIM education can help you to
  • Increase your functional knowledge of production and inventory management
  • Improve efficiency across the processes of your organization's supply chain
  • Streamline operations through accurate forecasting
  • Predict outcomes more accurately
  • Maximize customer satisfaction by delivering products and services Just-in-Time
  • Increase profitability by optimizing your organization's inventory investment
  • Enhance your credibility among peers, employers, and customers.
Who should earn the CPIM Certification?
A CPIM education is essential for professionals involved in:
  • Production and inventory management
  • Operations
  • Supply chain management
  • Procurement
  • Materials management
  • Purchasing
CPIM Exam Testing
Information on exam dates, locations, and registration fees for CPIM Testing in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.  Exams are issued through ASCM Corporate, not local Chapters.
Additional CPIM Program Information

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