Judy Bludworth, CPIM, CSCP
VP of Finance 

Chief Operations Officer
MWI, Inc.
Judy Bludworth has over 25 years of experience in accounting and purchasing and more than 12 years of managerial experience in small and mid-cap companies. Currently, as Chief Executive Officer for MWI in Houston, Texas, Judy manages the daily operations of an international smoke shop accessories wholesaler/distributor. While incorporating supply chain basics and fundamentals in a niche industry, Judy has driven the documentation, training and performance metric reviews in all areas of the business to drive increased productivity and profitable operations, including new cloud IMS/WMS system implementations. In her role as Purchasing Manager at Signal Corp’s Peek Systems Traffic Control in Houston and Florida Judy was instrumental in the transition of personnel, procedures and systems at the recently purchased Tualatin, Oregon location. At Frazer, Ltd, a manufacturer/converter for ambulances, Judy was responsible as Purchasing Manager to develop a purchasing department. Her role was expanded to manage the distribution and logistics requirements for the nationally recognized organization. From product development to end of life of retail product Judy was deeply involved in all aspects, sales, marketing, logistics, accounting and purchasing in several major regional chains. With these years of retail purchasing experience, domestic and international, Judy understands that supply chain fundamentals are not strictly designed for manufacturing. Currently holding both APICS CPIM and CSCP certifications, Judy is an active member on the ASCM Los Angeles Board of Directors as Vice President of Finance. She is also a Chapter Instructor participating in the APICS Instructor Development Program.


ASCM Los Angeles positions held:
2014-2018 VP of Finance
2013-2014 Director of Finance
APICS Instructor Development Program (IDP):
Associate CPIM Instructor
Associate CSCP Instructor
Associate Lean Enterprise Instructor
Associate Global Sourcing Instructor
Associate Principles Instructor
Associate Instructor Development Instructor (TTT/LDI)
ASCM Committee Involvement:
Volunteer - 2015 ASCM Conference