Board of Directors

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 Executive Board  Held by (Click on Name for Bio)   Email Address
 President  Joyce Lewis, CPIM, CSCP, CTLD, C.P.M.
 Executive Vice President  Lorena Abarca
 VP Administration  Kate Sixel, CSCP
 VP Education, Public 
 VP Education, In-House Richard Malone 
 VP Student Chapters
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 VP Programs
 VP Finance  Judy Bludworth, CPIM, CSCP
 VP Membership
 VP Marketing  Oliver Ortiz
 Board of Directors
 Held by (Click on Name for Bio) 
 Email Address
 Past President     Joyce Lewis, CPIM, CSCP, C.P.M.
 Director of Executive VACANT - Apply Now!
 Director of Executive VACANT - Apply Now!
 Director of Administration Tony Davis
 Director of Administration Dulce Candelaria, CSCP, FLMI
 Director of Education VACANT - Apply Now!    
 Director of Education VACANT - Apply Now! 
 Director of Education
 VACANT - Apply Now!
 Director of Education VACANT - Apply Now!
 Director of Education VACANT - Apply Now!
 Director of Student Chapters Sumit Chawla, CPIM  
 Director of Student Chapters Karla Pineda 
 Director of Programs  VACANT - Apply Now!
 Director of Programs Cristina Cervantes
 Director of Programs VACANT - Apply Now!
 Director of Finance VACANT - Apply Now!
 Director of Finance VACANT - Apply Now!
 Director of Membership VACANT - Apply Now! 
 Director of Membership VACANT - Apply Now!
 Director of Membership VACANT - Apply Now!
 Director of Marketing  Nicholas Spittle
 Director of Marketing  Ron Zukowski, CPIM
Interested in joining the APICS Los Angeles Chapter Board of Directors? 
Open positions:
  • Executive VP
  • Directors for all areas
  • Company Coordinators
LAPICS Board Members
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