March Professional Development Meeting: A Hands-On Approach to Lean Flow Systems
Speaker:  Tommy Van Eimeren, Continuous Process Improvement Leader, Arrow Electronics
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Please join us for this very special highly interactive & exciting Hands On Approach to Lean Flow Systems as we transform our meeting facility into a virtual factory producing products using two different methodologies.


The first methodology will focus of Departmentalized “Traditional” Manufacturing methods. We will then re-layout the process into a Lean Flow environment. During this time we will try to identify the “significant variable” that is undermining quality & productivity.


Significant variables are the variables whose change will alter or affect the outcome of the experiment. Variables that are not significant may also alter the outcome, but this change is a statistical error, not a systematic change. For example,  if you are trying to estimate how much food will be consumed in an event, a variable is how many people will attend the event and another is how tall are the people that attend it. The first variable is significant, whereas the latter isn't.


All attendees will receive a better understanding of these key learning concepts to be visualized during the present: 
• Systemic Thinking
• Takt Time / Cycle Time & % Load Charts
• Pull systems
• One piece flow
• Lean Sigma
• Lean Flow
• Significant Variables

All attendees will participate in a role (including Observer).


Thomas J VanEimeren is an accomplished Lean Sigma Black Belt & holds the position of Continuous Process Improvement Leader for Arrow Electronics, Logistics & Operations.


Having led nearly 200 Kaizen Events over the past 20 years in Electronics, Distribution, Production, Warehouse, Food & Beverage and Recycling. Thomas has developed a system for process Improvement that focuses on Engaging & Energizing Employees focus toward Improving processes in their workplace. Through systemic thinking, from office environments to shop floor, the techniques are effective driving hard & soft results.


Thomas resides in Phoenix, AZ with his wife & Identical Twin 6 year olds. When not getting people excited about Lean & Six Sigma, Thomas enjoys coaching his sons’ football team, hiking all over Arizona’ desert landscape, doing charitable work & is an avid motorcycle enthusiast. 


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Thursday, March 13, 2014
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