W. Edwards Deming and The 14 Principles of Management   
(with a little discussion of the Plan > Do Study > Act cycle.)
Presented by:  Ron Zukowski, CPIM 

Deming is best known for his work in Japan after WWII, particularly his work with the leaders of Japanese industry. That work began in August 1950 at the Hakone Convention Center in Tokyo when Deming delivered a seminal speech on what he called Statistical Product Quality Administration. Many in Japan credit Deming as the inspiration for what has become known as the Japanese post-war economic miracle of 1950 to 1960, when Japan rose from the ashes of war to become the second most powerful economy in the world in less than a decade, founded on the ideas Deming taught.  This presentation highlights excerpts, quotes and graphs outlined in his book “Out of the Crisis.”

This presentation is on the 14 principles that William Edwards Deming perfected over years of working in statistical quality control and working with individual professionals in Management, Operations, Manufacturing, Purchasing and Quality. This presentation will also include a brief history on these (and other) principles and why they are very important and how quickly they can be forgotten over time. 
  • Improvement of products and services, 
  • Including problems of today and problems of tomorrow.
  • Adopting new philosophies of creating quality into the product and not inspecting quality into the product.
  • Changing the way to purchase raw materials & generating a relationship with suppliers.
  • Improving the system of products and services.
  • Running a company on visible figures alone without knowing the invisible (and very important) figures.
  • Training on the job, both initial training and on-going training.
  • Differences between Management and Leadership.
  • How to start this in your company.


Ron Zukowski currently works for a bio-chemical company as the company’s only Manufacturing Engineer responsible for over 6000 finished goods products and their components. For the last three years, Ron’s experience has been invaluable in the launch of the company's ERP system. Currently, as one of the companies Subject Matter Expert (SME), Ron continues to assist employees from multiple departments in training and using the new ERP system. Ron started in Manufacturing almost 30 years ago, working for a tactical defense contractor during the day, while going to college at night. Ron built land and submarine launched ballistic missiles and a revolutionary style shoulder launched anti-tank weapon, then moved on to build a pioneering portable computer system for high risk pregnant women so doctors could monitor their patients while their patients stayed at home. Ron has worked for a variety of innovative companies in various fields, such as a company that makes breakable seals for oil refineries, a food processing corporation, a water treatment plant where he was responsible for protecting multi-million dollar machines, and was even the Operations Manager for a high-end women’s clothing line. Ron has been trained by some of the best instructors around, earning his degree in Business starting at Orange Coast College to California State University, Fullerton, from being taught by W. Edwards Deming himself to APICS own Joyce Lewis, Ron’s friend and mentor. Ron has taught classes at Orange Coast College, Ford Aerospace, even to civilians while a member of the United States Coast Guard. As a CPIM, Ron continues to train fellow employees on process flow, lean manufacturing, and finding & eliminating waste.


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