August Professional Development Meeting:  Push vs. Pull - What's it Really Worth?
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Join us in the first APICS Los Angeles Chapter Professional Development Meeting of the new Board year on August 8, 2013 in Torrance with an audience participation game that demystifies the benefits of transitioning from a push to a pull replenishment strategy! 

As Supply Chain professionals, we've often encountered the decision to employ either a push or pull (or both!) method when designing replenishment strategies in a manufacturing environment. 
According to the APICS Operations Management Body of Knowledge Framework (OMBOK), Third Edition, a push system is characterized by producing items on a schedule in advance of customer need.   The use of a pull system is one of the five principles of Lean and is employed when items are produced only when demanded for use by a customer or to replace items taken for use.
So, what does a transition from a push to a pull strategy REALLY look like in a manufacturing environment?  Can you visualize the change in inventory levels throughout the supply chain? What's the immediate financial impact when transitioning to a one piece flow model (even if you're not producing "one piece" at a time)?  What's the change really worth?

Find out as the management and production team of Du Ploe Trophy Systems (a fictitious company) experiments and implements with a single change in replenishment practices.  Be prepared to actively participate in this experimental change as we demystify the real value of the transition.  

WARNING:   This experiment involves heavy (but optional) audience engagement which could greatly impact your understanding of the value of pull replenish systems.  Participate at your own risk!  


Joyce Lewis has more than 22 years of experience in various aspects of the high technology industry, and more than 12 years of experience in the art and science of education. Her leadership experience spans the global business value chain from strategy development, new product introduction, marketing, and operations, and all aspects of Supply Chain Management. Much of her career experience includes leading program implementations for mega-growth manufacturers in high-tech industries, specifically focused in both process development and employee education programs. Through this, she has developed approaches to apply formal and rigorous methods such as Project Management, Six Sigma, and Lean.

"Ms. Lewis" currently privately consults with various Fortune 50-250 corporations in all aspects of Supply Chain Management and Operations Management, specifically in the areas of ERP system implementations, business process improvements, and all demand/supply-related activities.

Before applying supply chain concepts to education, Joyce was responsible for implementing worldwide SAP Production & Planning (PP) and Materials Management (MM) systems and training for Innovex, Inc., in her role as SAP Business Analyst. With extensive supply chain management experience in the opto-electronics, semiconductor, flex-circuit, and pharmaceutical industries, Joyce combines knowledge of learning processes/pedagogy with real-world operations management experience to maximize the learning process for supply chain professionals.


Joyce is an active member on the APICS Los Angeles Chapter Board of Directors serving as 2013-2014 President as well as a Chapter Certification Review Course Instructor.  She holds a Bachelor's of Science, Magna Cum Laude in Purchasing and Logistics from Arizona State University, and received the Outstanding Graduating Senior Award for both the Supply Chain Management Department and for the College of Business (now W.P. Carey School of Business),1998..



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Thursday, August 8, 2013
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8:30 p.m. Close of Meeting


Phenomenex (map)
2341 West 205th Street
Torrance, CA 90501


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