Exam Item (Question) Writing Workshop

If you are a currently-certified CPIM, CFPIM, or CSCP then this is your chance to participate in creating certification exam questions and earn CPIM or CSCP recertification points!.

The CPIM and CSCP certification examination items are created by certified individuals such as you. The majority of exam items are created at events referred to as Item Writing Workshops. ASCM is hosting an item writing workshop at:
        Hyatt Regency Irvine
        17900 Jamboree Road
        Irvine, CA
        Date:   April 5-6, 2013
        Time:  8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. both days.
ASCM Los Angeles is looking for volunteers to participate in this workshop. The remainder of this letter describes the workshop, commonly cited reasons for participating, and the administrative procedures.
Workshop Description

The item writing workshop is a two day event and is facilitated by one or more representatives of the certification committee. Attendance for both days is required. The first morning of the event will be focused on the item development and validation procedures and item writing guidelines. Time will also be spent reviewing and evaluating a few sample items. The volunteers will write and critique items. Representatives of the CPIM and CSCP examination sub committees will be there to help the item writing volunteers.

You will spend the next day and one half writing additional items and working in groups to critique and improve on the items written by the members of the group.
Reasons to Participate

There are a variety of reasons why certified individuals participate in the workshop. Some of the frequently mentioned reasons are:

  • You earn 10 certification maintenance points and 5 points towards the CFPIM application.
  • You gain insights that can be used to help students prepare for the exams.
  • You learn to write better items for any class that you develop.
  • You learn a skill to complement your teaching skills.
  • You might be good at and enjoy writing items.
  • You become familiar with the certification committees and the procedures for developing and validating individual items and exam forms.
  • You get to network and work with other ASCM volunteers to keep the exam questions current.
  • You will receive breakfast and lunch both days.

There are three simple requirements for participating in a workshop. You must have earned the CPIM, CFPIM, or CSCP designation and your certification must be current. You must commit to participating in the entire workshop and writing a minimum number of items.

ASCM expects that most of the volunteers will commute to and from the workshop, hence, the provisions to reimburse expenses is limited to $100 per participant.
How to Register

To register, please send an email that includes your name, ASCM member number, and your preferred module to write questions for to kgottwaldt@apics.org. Be sure to include any request you may have concerning dietary needs or accessibility.

For specific questions about the workshop, please contact Susan Burkhardt, Senior Test Development Manager at sburkhardt@apics.org.