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2.  Available required CPIM Materials (distributed by instructor at the first class date)
Description of Required Items
 APICS Member  Non-Member Comments
 CPIM Participant Workbook  $ 114.95  $ 174.95  Required - One for each course
 APICS Dictionary, 13th Edition  $  29.95  $   49.95  Required - One required for all 5 modules
 Intro to Materials Management, 7th Edition $  102.95  $ 124.95  Required - One required for all 5 modules

3.  Available optional CPIM Certification Exam supplemental materials & exam credit information. Highly recommended if seeking Certification!
Description of Optional Items
 APICS Member  Non-Member APICS Los Angeles Chapter Member*
 CPIM Basics Exam Practice Tool  $ 26.95  $  46.95  $ 6.95    Save $20+
 CPIM Master Planning Exam Practice Tool  $ 24.95  $  44.95  $ 4.95    Save $20+
 CPIM Detailed Scheduling & Planning Exam Practice Tool  $ 24.95  $  44.95  $ 4.95    Save $20+
 CPIM Execution & Control of Operations Exam Practice Tool  $ 24.95  $  44.95  $ 4.95    Save $20+
 CPIM Strategic Management of Resources Exam Practice Tool  $ 24.95  $  44.95  $ 4.95    Save $20+
 CPIM All Modules Exam Practice Tool  $ 99.95  $ 185.95  $ 19.95   Save $80+
 CPIM EXAM Credit ($165 / $250 if purchased directly through APICS)  $160.00  $ 240.00  $155.00  Save $10+      
 Wilcox Study Notes (one per module) $ 35.00 $ 50.00 $ 33.00  Save $2.00+     

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  • NOTE:   Upon request, APICS members receive one free dictionary with your APICS membership from APICS Corporate.   Log in to your APICS account and request your free dictionary now.   Or, use the links below to purchase a replacement or an additional APICS Dictionary.
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APICS CPIM Course Materials - Non-Members:
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Primary Resources Information
Taking a CPIM Exam?  See the recommended APICS Primary Resources and Reference Materials for CPIM Exam preparation.  Contact your instructor for reommendations.