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Registration Process
1.  Contact your Northop ASCM Coordinator to make sure that you have the most current Registration form and Fees.   Sign up with EdAssist per the APICS Coordinator. 
2.  Make sure you have an ASCM Membership with the Chapter Afiliation of "ASCM Los Angeles" before ordering course materials or the Non-Member fee will apply. 
3.  Submit the registration form to CSUDH and pay your registration fees directly to CSUDH.  Validate that you receive a Blackboard login. 
4.  Purchase your materials from ASCM Los Angeles.  Click on course link above to access the PayPal shopping cart.  
5.  To confirm your ASCM Los Angeles class roster, ASCM Membership, and APICS Exam Credit information, register here (no additional course registration fee required).  

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To pay for the primary resource materials, select the course information above. 

On the course ordering page, select the Materials Type/Price from the dropdown for a course below. To order additional resources, select the buttons to add each item requested. When finished, select View Cart to submit your payment. 
  • Recommendation:  Join ASCM through Northrop's Enterprise Membership before ordering materials to save over $500.00 in course material fees!  Make sure to affiliate your membership with "ASCM Los Angeles" when joining ASCM for the Chapter discounts.  Your ASCM membership status at the time of materials order placement with ASCM Los Angeles is used to determine final price. 
NOTE:   Upon request, ASCM members receive one free dictionary with your ASCM membership from ASCM Corporate.   Log in to your ASCM account and request your free dictionary now.   Or, use the links below to purchase a replacement or an additional APICS Dictionary.

Description of Course Materials
Course materials will be available at the first class session (will be distributed by the instructor or Chapter representative).  All course attendees must have the assigned revision(s) of the following course materials in order to attend the course:  (items in bold are required)

Description of what to order:
 College Credit only?  Taking the exam?  
The fine print...
Order the Package Type  (Partial) (ALL) Order the "ALL" package to receive all the items including taking the Exam, shipping/handling/late fee, etc. in one transaction.   Order the "Partial" Package to receive all the course materials, not including the APICS Exam.  
 ASCM Plus Membership     Make sure your channel partner (chapter) affiliation is "ASCM Los Angeles" for the lowest rates offered.  If you are already a Plus member and want to update your Channel Partner affiliation to ASCM Los Angeles, call ASCM Customer Service at 800-444-2742, option 4 to request the change. 

ASCM Core members are billed at the same rate as a Non-member.  For the lowest rates, please update your membership to "Plus" before ordering materials. 

No portion of the membership fee is refundable; membership fees are not prorated nor refundable in the event of a course cancellation.  
 2019 Learning System      Print & online e-learning system to include practice quizzes, exams, and supplemental online learning materials.  Also includes Exam Content Manual, carrying tote, nametag, and study hints.
 2019 PowerPoint Course Slidebook     Printout of course slides for note-taking.
 Certificate of Attendance Certificate of Attendance for completing course requirements.
 2019 Exam Credit      Exam is administered by Pearson Vue).  All students must request, schedule, and take exam within 90 days from last class date or exam credit is voided.  No transfer of exam credit allowed and no portion of exam credit is refundable after the first day of class. 
 Exam Re-Take Fee Guarantee     Applies to ASCM Los Angeles Members, included with Exam Credit purchase.   Students must meet the retake requirements identified in class.  

Payment Instructions:
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If you have any questions relating to your PayPal payments, please email vpfinance@lapics.org.   
Optional Payment Method
Problems with the course payment option? Access Paypal at www.paypal.com to send an alternate payment to vpfinance@lapics.org. Please state the amount, event or course name, course materials, and the reason for the payment in the comments.