Certified Lean Master Exam Preparation

This multi-session Certified Lean Master Exam Preparation course provides a complete package of education, application and coaching for those seeking to create a sustainable lean organization. Participants leverage online tools such as quizzes, templates, samples, articles and presentations. The focus of the project is to craft sustainable lean organizations.

At the completion of the program, participants will take a certification exam and have the opportunity to earn personal recognition as a Certified Lean Master. The International Supply Chain Education Alliance – ISCEA – is the governing body for the Certified Lean Master designation.

Certified Lean Master Exam Preparation

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Early Registration
Session A09/29/14 - 10/01/14Mon to Wed8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.ASCM Los Angeles Training Facility09/19/14 at 5:00 p.m. PST
Session B10/27/14 - 10/29/14   Mon to Wed8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.mASCM Los Angeles Training Facilityn/a
Session C12/01/14 - 12/03/14Mon to Wed8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.mASCM Los Angeles Training Facilityn/a

Course registrations are limited to
16 attendees only per course.

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Course Fees
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Fees include course instruction by a Master, Lead, or Associate Chapter Instructor participating in the ASCM Instructor Development Program and:
  • Online Activity Database (supplemental online learning activities)
  • Non-Members will receive a one-year ASCM Membership after start of first class and receipt of ASCM membership application.
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  • Before the First Day of class:  $100.00 processing fee
  • First Day of Class through Second Day of Class:  $100.00 processing fee plus charges for any used materials billable at published ASCM Member rate
  • No refunds are issued after second day of class
CLM information
What is Lean? Lean is the Nr.1 improvement program in the world.
The Certified Lean Master program is built on the foundation of the 5 principles of “Lean Thinking” the bestseller book by James P. Womack and Daniel T. Jones.
Lean is the process of identifying, and systematic elimination of the 7 types of waste while establishing a sustainable lean organization through continuous process improvement disciplines.

Return On Investment?
The Certified Lean Master program offers a unique value proposition. Participants will identify and start working on a real world lean project after completion of the first session. Instructors will spend individual time with each participant to coach them through their real world lean project. Many projects during course have helped participating organizations reduce costs in the range of $50K to $100K while other projects have improved service or increased revenue. Here are some testimonials of the long term impact of certified lean masters within an organization:

  • "The CLM Program really pulls together the leadership skills, quality training, six-sigma, 5S, and visual exposures I have had over the years. It provides one package that shows how they all work together and are all necessary as part of the supply chain core competency. CLM is really the necessary program that personifies continuous improvement." - Kent S. Sorenson, Wolf Robotics LLC

  • "Attending the CLM program and creating the value stream map for one of our product lines has driven significant changes in how we plan, procure parts. and assemble products. We have reduced lead times, cut costs, and improved on-time deliver to our customers. We are now in the process of purchasing a system to eliminate another 3 days of lead time and reduce the cost of the process by 85%." - Kevin Brown, Certified Lean Master 

Benefits of CLM
A CLM education can help you to:
  • Apply the 5 principles of lean to systematically eliminate waste. 
  • Introduce and build sustainable lean organization methodology in your organization.
  • Not only measure improvements in your new sustainable lean organization but also measure the cultural transformation within the organization.
Who should attend?
The CLM program is designed for a variety of individuals within organizations from small to corporate. Participants in the following fields of responsibility have attended and benefited from the program: Business owners, executive managers, project leaders, procurement, manufacturing, engineering, marketing, logistics, maintenance, sales, human resources, information technology, supply chain, finance, customer. 

CLM Course Setup:
Participants attend three educational sessions of three days each with a four week break between sessions. During the breaks between sessions, participants work on lean projects within their organization with coaching assistance from instructors. Participants will create quantifiable improvements and begin seeing immediate results.  Sessions include: 

Session A: Crafting a lean initiative and value stream mapping. 
Participants leave with an initial business case and 30-day plan of attack.

Session B: Creating flow and leveraging pull.
Participants leave with a new 30-day plan of attack.

Session C: Sustainable lean organizations and CLM exam preparation. 
Participants leave with an updated project plan for completing their lean projects.

Support during the course:
Participants have telephone and email support between sessions to discuss progress.
Instructors are experienced lean experts able to help participants respond to challenges.
Online tools provide templates and samples that significantly enhance effectiveness.

CLM Exam Testing
At the completion of the program, participants will take the CLM certification exam from ISCEA and have the opportunity to earn personal recognition as a Certified Lean Master. ISCEA exam fee is included in the course fee.
(The International Supply Chain Education Alliance – ISCEA – is the governing body for the Certified Lean Master designation).