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APICS Chapter Benchmarking and Reporting (CPA-CBAR) Program

The C-BAR Program is a standardized exercise that promotes action and innovation. With the assistance of an instructional template, individual organizations plan and execute a strategy of progress within the field of production and inventory management. Specifically, they identify an opportunity for innovation, prescribe a program to address the opportunity, implement the program, measure the results, and undertake further action to improve future outcomes. It is a description of the organization's overall experience that is submitted to a panel of veteran ASCM volunteers and regional leadership. The panel evaluates the programs and provides objective guidance through instructional feedback.

The C-BAR Program encourages strong organizational management practices, including solid strategic planning, continuity among leadership, and recruiting and retaining members. Individual members also benefit by learning management skills that translate to on-the-job success. These skills involve stronger communication techniques, enhanced writing abilities, expanded leadership acumen, and sound financial practices.

The Chapter's C-Bar submission is generally coordinated by the President and Executive Vice President of a Board term. (In the absence of an Executive Vice President, the President may recruit other Board members as needed.)  Gold status is the highest evaluated level - Platinum is awarded on the fifth consecutive year of Gold.  The ASCM Los Angeles submissions/standings and the Chapter President leading the submission process include:
CPA/CBar Coordinator
CBAR Award Status
 2014-2015  Joyce Lewis  Volunteer Now  (in process)
 2013-2014    Joyce Lewis Joyce Lewis Gold
 2012-2013  Mark A. Betancourt  Joyce Lewis  Gold
 2011-2012  Mark A. Betancourt  Joyce Lewis  Gold
 2010-2011  Mark A. Betancourt  Hasan Haideri  Bronze