The Company, Member, Volunteer, and Instructor of the Year programs were established to recognize superior and consistent support of ASCM Los Angeles and Members.  Nominations are accepted throughout the year and are awarded annually at the year-end Executive Management Night Professional Development Meeting.  
Company of the Year 

The Company of the Year Award was established to provide a means of recognizing local companies that actively support ASCM and ASCM Los Angeles activities with consistency and on an exceptional basis. Support may be demonstrated through active company policies meeting the award criteria, such as promoting membership or attendance at ASCM events, involvement in educational seminars, or incorporating the ASCM body of knowledge into the culture of business.

Storm Industries, Inc. has been an active supporter of ASCM Los Angeles over the past several years. Company subsidiaries, Storm Manufacturing and Industrial Parts Depot (IPD), held an onsite Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP) certification review course and opened the courses for Public attendance. In addition, Storm Industries supported the professional development of its employees by sponsoring attendance at numerous Supply Chain Management education courses and events:  Sales & Operations Planning and S&OP Simulation workshops, multiple Professional Development Meetings, etc.   

2014-2015 Company of the Year:
Storm Industries, Inc., Torrance CA

From left to right:  VP Marketing Patrick Tanaka, CSCP (Storm Industries Employee); Chapter President Joyce Lewis, Brian Babb, President, Storm Industries; VP Administration Kate Sixel, CSCP (Storm Industries Employee); Melanie Griffith, CSCP (Storm Industries Employee); Director of Finance John Brooks, CSCP (Storm Industries Employee); VP Membership Lorena Abarca.

The Chapter has benefitted from Storm Industries leadership as several key Storm and IPD employees serve on the ASCM Los Angeles Board of Directors.  Support for the supply chain profession is evident at Storm Industries as APICS Certifications are considered a key element in the hiring process, and both companies sponsored and funded ASCM-USC Student Chapter activities.   

Want to nominate a company for Company of the Year?  The Board of Directors or any Los Angeles Chapter member, in good standing, may nominate any local company who meets the qualifications for the award. In order to nominate a company, a nomination form must be submitted to include written supporting documentation that the company has met or exceeded the award criteria in at least three of five categories.  
Download a Company of the Year nomination form and submit by April 1st.

Member/Volunteer of the Year

ASCM Los Angeles established a Member of the Year and a Volunteer of the Year program to recognize the outstanding volunteers within the local chapter. These awards are presented annually to member and non-member volunteers, respectively, whose accomplishments to the Chapter have been acknowledged as superior. 

From left to right:   VP Membership Lorena Abarca. Member of the Year Jason Albritton, Chapter President Joyce Lewis
 2014-2015 Member of the Year:
Jason Albritton

Jason Albritton was unanimously selected as the 2014-2015 Volunteer of the Year (there were no other nominations besides Jason for this coveted annual award!).  Jason is a Buyer/Expeditor at Sargent Aerospace in Torrance, CA. and has been an ASCM Member for over a year.  Jason was recruited as a Director of Membership from his attendance at CPIM education courses, and he served as Director of Programs during the last half of the board year. 

“Jason’s dedication to serve the members of ASCM Los Angeles motivates other supply chain professionals seeking professional development opportunities,” wrote Chapter President, Joyce Lewis.  “I am personally inspired by Jason’s energetic attitude towards lifelong learning and his creative approach to problem-solving.”   

Jason is a member of the Chapter Facilities Committee and finds the most unique ways for costs savings for the chapter!  Jason is currently seeking his CPIM Certification and actively contributes educational materials to support course learning.


Top: Volunteer of the Year Spencer Boucher
Bottom:  Chapter President Joyce Lewis, Trevor Boucher, VP of Membership Lorena Abarca.
 2014-2015 Volunteer of the Year: 
Spencer Boucher

Volunteer of the Year Spencer Boucher provided over 250 hours of volunteer support during the 2014-2015 Board year at the Chapter office before his untimely death on December 25, 2014 in Tempe, AZ.  

Although the majority of his volunteer focus for the Chapter was spent compiling course attendee practice assessment results, Spencer also proctored chapter education course assessments, organized the library, cleaned the facility, processed ASCM book deliveries, ran errands, and prepared marketing materials for and volunteered at the USC Global Supply Chain Summit.  

He regularly performed daytime receptionist duties at the Chapter facility and was designated as the Chapter’s first “Libations Server” for member events.  Receiving the award on behalf of Spencer was his older brother, Trevor Boucher.

In honor of Spencer's contribution and impact to the ASCM Los Angeles Education program and its members seeking certification, consider a contribution to the James Greathouse APICS Certification Professional Scholarship.

Has your professional career been impacted by an ASCM Los Angeles volunteer?  The Board of Directors or any ASCM Los Angeles member, in good standing, may nominate any current volunteer who meets the qualifications.Download a Volunteer/Member of the Year nomination form and submit by April 1st.
Instructor(s) of the Year

ASCM Los Angeles established an Instructor of the Year program to recognize outstanding instructors within the local chapter. This award is presented annually to instructor(s) whose instruction and support of other instructors is been acknowledged as superior. 

Top: Master Instructor of the Year Ayman Assaad
Bottom:  VP of Membership Lorena Abarca, Laura Minton (accepting on behalf of Ayman Assaad), Chapter President Joyce Lewis.
 2014-2015 Master Instructor of the Year:
Ayman Assaad, CSCP, SCOR/P

Master Instructor of the Year Ayman Assaad has more than 20 years of experience in supply chain and operations with major international and local companies across a wide variety of industry sectors and more than 10 years of experience in conducting orientation and training classes for business leaders.

Ayman serves as VP Education, Public for  ASCM Los Angeles and teaches CSCP courses for the Chapter. He is designated as an APICS Master CSCP Instructor, Associate Global Sourcing Instructor, Associate Lean Enterprise Instructor, Associate Principles Instructor, and Associate Instructor Training Instructor. 

Ayman was nominated as the first qualified Supply Chain Operations Reference - SCOR® Model Trainer in the Middle East from the Supply Chain Council, 2009. He currently holds APICS CSCP and SCOR/P certifications. Ayman has a Bachelor's of Science, Mechanical Engineering from Alexandria University, 1991. He also holds Master of International Business Administration in Global Management from ESLSCA Business School, 2011.

From left to right:  VP of Membership Lorena Abarca. Instructor of the Year  Joyce Lewis, VP Finance Judy Bludworth 
 2014-2015 Master Instructor of the Year: 
Joyce Lewis, CPIM, CSCP, C.P.M.

Master Instructor of the Year Joyce Lewis has more than 25 years of experience in various aspects of the high technology industry, and more than 15 years of experience in the art and science of education. 

Joyce currently serves as President of ASCM Los Angeles. She holds APICS CPIM, APICS CSCP and ISM Certified Purchasing Manager (C.P.M.) certifications and is a certified instructor for The Fresh Connection. She is designated as an APICS Master CPIM Instructor, APICS Master CSCP Instructor, APICS Master Instructor Training Instructor, Associate Global Sourcing Instructor, Associate Lean Enterprise Instructor, and Associate Principles Instructor.   

Joyce has taught supply chain certification courses in 10 countries on 4 different continents, and is frequently invited to speak at professional association meetings.  In June 2015, Joyce presented an interactive workshop on “Flipped Learning” to International Instructors at SAPICS 2015 and lead a panel discussion on Women in Supply Chain.

The Board of Directors or any ASCM Los Angeles member, in good standing, may nominate any current instructor, in good standing, who meets the qualifications. Download an Instructor of the Year nomination form and submit by April 1st. 
Prior Member, Volunteer, Instructor and Company of the Year Award Winners
The Company of the YearMember of the YearInstructor of the Year, and Volunteer of the Year award winners for the following board years are:
 BOD Year   Company
of the Year
of the Year
of the Year
of the Year
 2015-2016  Nominations accepted  Nominations accepted  Nominations accepted  Nominations accepted
 2014-2015  Storm Industries, Inc.       Jason Albritton  Joyce Lewis (Master)
 Ayman Assaad (Master)
 Spencer Boucher
 2013-2014     Triumph Aerostructures, Hawthorne Division     Lorena Abarca    Joyce Lewis (Master)  Patrick Tanaka, CSCP
 2012-2013  Phenomenex, Inc.  Mark Betancourt  Joyce Lewis (Master), 
 Mike Johns (Associate)
 Programs Team:  
Lorena Abarca, Marissa Chapa, Samantha Nava, Angie Shao *
 2011-2012  Northrop Grumman  Mike Johns  Master Joyce Lewis  C.J. Nord (ISM)

APICS Instructor Development Program
Refer to our Instructor Listing.  (under construction)

APICS Chapter Benchmarking and Reporting (CBAR) Program

The C-BAR Program is a standardized exercise that promotes action and innovation. With the assistance of an instructional template, individual organizations plan and execute a strategy of progress within the field of production and inventory management. Specifically, they identify an opportunity for innovation, prescribe a program to address the opportunity, implement the program, measure the results, and undertake further action to improve future outcomes. It is a description of the organization's overall experience that is submitted to a panel of veteran ASCM volunteers and regional leadership. The panel evaluates the programs and provides objective guidance through instructional feedback.

The C-BAR Program encourages strong organizational management practices, including solid strategic planning, continuity among leadership, and recruiting and retaining members. Individual members also benefit by learning management skills that translate to on-the-job success. These skills involve stronger communication techniques, enhanced writing abilities, expanded leadership acumen, and sound financial practices.

The Chapter's C-Bar submission is generally coordinated by the President and Executive Vice President of a Board term. (In the absence of an Executive Vice President, the President may recruit other Board members as needed.)  Gold status is the highest evaluated level - Platinum is awarded on the fifth consecutive year of Gold.  The ASCM Los Angeles submissions/standings and the Chapter President leading the submission process include:
CPA/CBar Coordinator
CBAR Award Status
 2013-2014  Joyce Lewis  Volunteer Now  (in process)
 2012-2013  Mark A. Betancourt  Joyce Lewis  Gold
 2011-2012  Mark A. Betancourt  Joyce Lewis  Gold
 2010-2011  Mark A. Betancourt Hasan Haideri  Bronze